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World of Coffee, Amsterdam

Breaking News: World of Coffee & Almo Almond Milk

Almo is headed to the World of Coffee in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is a Coffee Expo from 21st to the 23rdof June. Every year, the WoC brings the global coffee community and food and beverage professionals together for three days. It draws visitors from more than 90 countries and is run by the Specialty Coffee Association.

The WoC is Europe’s largest coffee trade show. The 2018 World Barista Championship and other exciting knowledge-sharing events are scheduled to take place at the World of Coffee, Amsterdam. Above all, we want to show the global coffee community that Almo is a milk-like no udder. Almo wants to help craft the best tasting dairy-free coffees in the world. So, we want to show baristas that if they want better non-dairy coffee, they should just add Almo.

Be sure to visit us at Stand 24b if you are in town!

See you soon Amsterdam!

The World of Coffee location:
RAI Exhibition Centre
Europaplein 24,
1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stooker Roasting Co x Almo

We live for beautiful coffees. The coffees who taste really makes the difference. We want you to experience the difference and distinct flavours that coffee beans have in your cup. We want to let you drink the cup of coffee you never tasted before and give every link in the chain a fair ‘piece of the pie’…that is the Stooker Roasting Company

Almo is excited to announce: Stooker’s HQ will be an espresso bar during the WoC days. Stooker will be using Almo! Also, Almo will be making some delicious almond milk Alpucino’s with Stoker’s Stooker new Brazilian blend.
Stooker Roasting Co.
Kastanjeplein 2
1092 CJ Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 737 17 14

Slayer Espresso x Square One Coffee Roasters x Almo

Our friends from Slayer will be providing a Slayer espresso machine for the WoC, they do espresso like you’ve never seen it. We will be using a Slayer espresso machine with Square One Coffee to show the global coffee community how good our almond Alpucino’s are. Square one is a small team based in Cremorne, Melbourne, focusing on roasting high quality and ethically sourced coffee.

Square One Coffee Roasters
58/76 Stephenson St,
Cremorne VIC



Woolworths Stocks Almo Almond Milk

Almo. Woolies. On. Shelves. Now. We want to share our creamy, Almo goodness with more dairy-free lovers. Yes – we


What’s in Almo?

From hipsters only to mainstream Almond milk is becoming increasingly popular. It used to only be consumed by vegan hipsters.

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