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Woolworths Stocks Almo Almond Milk

Almo. Woolies. On. Shelves. Now.

We want to share our creamy, Almo goodness with more dairy-free lovers. Yes – we are now at Select Woolworths Stores in Victoria. You will now be able to find our vegan, dairy-free Almo Almond Milk at Woolies!

Woolies has helped us make Almo more accessible & affordable!

What’s more, we’re a bit nuts about our almonds, we’re proud to be at the forefront of Woolies shelves now. Without a doubt, milk alternative sales are booming which is why we are now selling our healthy, premium milk in select Woolworths stores. We are thankful that Woolies is supporting Australian start-ups and products like Almo.

Now 100% Australian Owned, Made & Grown

Everything we make, we make with Australian almonds. I’m sure you are wondering what makes our Australian Almonds so special, we have a simple answer for you. We take our quality and taste standards very seriously which is why we only use Propylene Oxide Free AlmondCo Australia’s almonds. To clarify, many of the bad pesticides that are used in American almonds are forbidden in Australia. Some non-Australian almond milks are made with nasty, American almonds sprayed with Propylene Oxide.

Also, we are proud of our country of origin labelling, Almo is made out of a minimum of 99% Aussie ingredients. So… have been able to make an Almost organic Australian Almond Milk. We can’t really certify 140 almond growers, what we do know, is that some of our almonds are organic!

100% BPA-Free Recyclable Bottle

Further, Almo’s Australian unsweetened almond milk is bottled in 100% recyclable packaging. Our NEW PET bottles are one of world’s most sustainable packaging formats, especially when compared to glass and aluminium containers. Chiefly, Almo’s new bottle is lightweight PET, meaning that less plastic is used in each bottle.

The point is… our new PET bottle is better for the environment.


What’s in Almo?

From hipsters only to mainstream Almond milk is becoming increasingly popular. It used to only be consumed by vegan hipsters.


August is Blossom Season!

Almond Lifecycle Almonds are dormant from May to July during the winter period. They usually blossom in between July and

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