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What’s in Almo?

From hipsters only to mainstream

Almond milk is becoming increasingly popular. It used to only be consumed by vegan hipsters. Today, it’s become a mainstream staple. People question whether there are actual almonds in the almond milk they consume or if there are questionable ingredients like carrageenans. So I am going to do the hard work and break down everything that goes into your Almo milk. I want you to be able to drink your milk and eat your cookies in peace.


Every bottle of Almo contains 40 whole South Australian Almonds. This means that, on average, you get 4 whole almonds per 100 ml. Almo sources its almonds from Almond Co. This means that Almo has high quality 100% Australian almonds.


Almond milk as such, is not naturally high in calcium. But we care about your strong bones, which is why we fortify it with calcium. As a result, one serving of Almo provides 1/4 of your daily recommended calcium intake.

non-GM Xanthan

We use non-genetically modified xanthan gum. Xanthan is an all natural emulsifier and thickener. Emulsifiers are used to beverages more enjoyable, allowing different molecules to become dispersed in each other.  This creates a creamy, homogeneous and stable Almo beverage. So, all xanthan really does is prevent Almo’s ingredients from separating.

Sea Salt

We add a hint of sea salt to let our Australian Almonds find their natural beauty.  So, a sprinkle of sea salt helps to wake up the almond flavour.



Woolworths Stocks Almo Almond Milk

Almo. Woolies. On. Shelves. Now. We want to share our creamy, Almo goodness with more dairy-free lovers. Yes – we


August is Blossom Season!

Almond Lifecycle Almonds are dormant from May to July during the winter period. They usually blossom in between July and

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