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Hey (almond milk) Barista!

Have you ever wondered if you can make an Alpucino at home?


A type of coffee made with espresso and almond milk that has been frothed up with pressurized steam.

If Almo could talk, the conversation would go a bit like this:

Almo: Good morning! How’s it going?

Emma: Ah, not too well, I haven’t gotten my caffeine fix. I’m lactose intolerant and don’t feel like going to a cafe to get an Alpucino.

Almo: Ah Emma, today is your lucky day. We can help. You can actually make a decent coffee with Almo at Home! Almo is perfect for the home barista like you.

We want to share our secrets of how to create a yummy, velvety froth on your almond latte/cappuccino.

Barista tips:

          • Refrigerate Almo before using it for your latte, it gives you a longer stretch time
          • Always shake Almo milk before using, this will allow the almond butter to disperse.

If you own an espresso machine with a milk wand these steps are for you:

          1. Brew your expresso right before or at the same time you steam your Almo milk, you don’t want it to set as you are steaming the milk (don’t panic, if it sets, swirl it around if it does).
          2. Steam your Almo milk in a pitcher. To get it just right, make sure the tip of the steam wand is on the surface of Almo milk, leave it there for a couple of seconds.
          3. Put the wand a bit below the surface to warm the Almo milk up.
          4. Take the wand out when the pitcher is too hot to touch and turn the steamer off (hold a towel around the bottom, excess moisture and steam will shoot out). Almo’s max temperature is 62C.
          5. Swirl the pitcher around and allow it to sit for 60 seconds and tap it against the kitchen table if needed. (Barista tip: this will reduce all of those annoying bubbles, to give you clean, white froth).
          6. Angle your coffee cup and pour your steamed Almo at a steady pace.
          7. Enjoy!

You can also make the perfect latte with a Whisk, a percolator, a small saucepan, Almo milk and coffee ground

      1. Fill your percolator with water to the etched line
      2. Fill the middle chamber with coffee grounds (it should be 75% full)
      3. Close the top chamber and place it over medium heat
      4. The percolator is done when it makes a spurting sound
      5. Remove it from the heat
      6. Pour Almo milk (8oz) into a small saucepan on medium/high heat (you can also add sugar or panela at this stage)
      7. Whisk the Almo constantly for 2-3 minutes *the harder you whisk, the frothier your latte will be
      8. Pour the espresso and freshly frothed Almo into mugs
      9. Enjoy!

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