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Can I drink Almo while I am pregnant?


While cow’s milk provides a range of nutrients to support your growing baby, drinking delicious Almo almond milk is still a safe option; especially if you are lactose intolerant. It is a good vegan, lactose-free, dairy-free option. We understand that you take extra care when adding new items to your pregnancy diet. Luckily, Almo is safe for consumption during pregnancy.

It is important to evaluate, monitor, and, when appropriate, make changes to improve maternal nutrition both before and during pregnancy

-Christine D Garner, PhD, RD

We want your baby’s bones to be healthy. Calcium is essential for your growing baby; it helps your baby develop a healthy heart, grow their bones, and more! One serving of Almo provides ¼ of your daily calcium intake. If you are worried about a calcium deficiency during your pregnancy add Almo to your morning porridge, smoothie or tea!

Pregnancy is a period of intense fetal growth and development, as well as maternal physiological change

-Christine D Garner, PhD, RD

  • One of the vitamins in Almo is vitamin E; this will help with your pregnancy skin problems. We know skin problems are awful, Almo is here to help.
  • Almo is high in antioxidants, high in omega-3 fatty acids and a good source of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Gestational diabetes is something to look out for and watching your sugar intake when you are pregnant is therefore advisable. Almo is low in sugars (0.5g per serving), another benefit of consuming Almo during pregnancy.


*Almo is an excellent dairy-free option during pregnancy. However, do not drink if you are allergic to nuts. Please be aware of food allergies. Make sure you are not allergic to Almo. Get tested if you are not sure. Nut allergies are serious, they can result in negative allergic reactions. Do talk to your GP before drinking almond milk during your pregnancy to double check. Your GP will ensure that you do not have any nutritional deficiencies.

Have a happy and healthy pregnancy!


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