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Australian Almonds

I’m here to tell you Almo uses only Australian Almonds. We believe they are the best in the world.


Australian almonds are humble, versatile, robust and naturally healthy.

We make Almo with Australian Almonds from Almondco. Almondco holds their growers to high standards. Also, Almondco expects growers to be the best in the industry.

Almondco Australia is globally recognised for supplying premium quality almond products since 1944


Our track record in producing quality almonds is one of the best in the world and that has given us an edge with many of our customers

Almondco has developed an international reputation for producing quality almonds that command premium prices and that’s the way we want it to stay. If we can help growers in any way we will endeavour to do so

The world goes nuts for Australian almonds, and so do we. Australian almonds are incredibly good. They are Naturally the best!

Above all, Australia provides almonds with a good growing environment. They are grown in rich soils that are low in pests and diseases.

Almondco operates of a set of specifications that exceeds those sets by the USDA

Quality is recognized throughout the supply chain. Australian has high industry quality standards and testing programs. Almondco also assures quality by using professional management and biosecurity practices.


Woolworths Stocks Almo Almond Milk

Almo. Woolies. On. Shelves. Now. We want to share our creamy, Almo goodness with more dairy-free lovers. Yes – we


What’s in Almo?

From hipsters only to mainstream Almond milk is becoming increasingly popular. It used to only be consumed by vegan hipsters.

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