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A guy with a surfing and coffee addiction: Stew from Doppioornothing

About Doppioornothing:

We’re two guys with a surfing and coffee addiction. We’ve built a business around what we love and we’re now helping others do the same through espresso training, consulting, events and distribution…and a little bit of surfing for some life balance.

Phone them:  0402 087 790
Email them:

Q&A with Stew Doppio

Here we go…

  1. What is your favourite surf spot? Somewhere close to home-Port Macquarie, plenty of spots to choose from but cannot disclose them.
  2. How do you have your coffee? Short black first, long black second, done, cold brew on the road.
  3. What coffee do you like roasting the most? Whatever our sourcing and roasting department finds. Tastes even better when someone makes it and says-Try this!!!
  4. Forget coffee, my favourite place to eat out is: My favourite place to eat out is a place where I’m with my friends and has an atmosphere that makes the food taste amazing. Great service, great music. come and visit. I will take you to a few in Port Macquarie.
  5. Are you as good as Kelly Slater? I make coffee better than Kelly Slater but that’s about it.
  6. Do you ever get scared of sharks? There are more sharks walking down the main streets or the CBDs of any city worldwide. So I would say no, they cannot get me in the ocean.

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