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August is Blossom Season!

Almond Lifecycle

Almonds are dormant from May to July during the winter period. They usually blossom in between July and September. During this stage, Almonds sit back and soak up nutrients.

August is Blossom season in Australia, is from July to early September

Here’s Where To Find Almond Blossoms In Victoria

Mallee Almond Blossom Festival

Almonds then bloom into beautiful light pink blooms. Almonds need bees in order for cross-pollination to occur.

Pollination is the vital process in flowering plant reproduction involving the transfer of pollen grains from the anther (or male part) to the stigma (or female part) of the same, or another plant of the same species. The fertilised egg cells grow into seeds which are then spread in the many fruits and vegetables that we all love to eat like ALMONDS


Almonds and bees have a mutually beneficial relationship. Help Save Our Bees!


-Save Our Bees AUS

One in every three bites we eat are from foods that need to be pollinated by insects, honey bees are responsible for the majority of that. These include Almonds, Apples, Blueberries, Watermelons, Cherries…

-Save Our Bees AUS


From September to December, the crop matures, allowing the almond hulls to mature and harden.  Afterwards, around early January, the almond hull begins to split, and crack open. The split in the hull widens and then they are ready for harvest! In Australia, harvest takes place from February to April, at this time, there is an adequate moisture level for the nut. Harvesting can be done mechanically, this requires shakers which are used to vibrate the trunk. The shaking movement allows the fruit to fall, these are then picked up for storage and processing.

Australian almonds are mainly grown in Sunraysia (VIC), Riverland (SA), Riverina (NSW), and Adelaide Plains (SA).

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Woolworths Stocks Almo Almond Milk

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What’s in Almo?

From hipsters only to mainstream Almond milk is becoming increasingly popular. It used to only be consumed by vegan hipsters.

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